Course Syllabus

SAP ABAP on HANA / S4HANA has made significant breakthroughs in SAP technology that aim to automate the entire economy, not just in new, personalized advancement projects but also in existing applications. For many customized developments and SAP business applications, ABAP continues to be a crucial language. The introduction of ABAP 7.4 brought about several improvements to the ABAP language, enabling the use of SAP HANA and the ability to write more efficient ABAP code. Your knowledge of the optimization of ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) apps, which provide access to data stored in the SAP HANA Database, will be enhanced by this SAP ABAP HANA Online training course. Our sap ABAP Hana online training in Hyderabad includes topics such as database-independent programming with open SQL, unified data modeling and specification with core data services, and simple control of stored procedures with ABAP-managed database procedures. Version IT’s SAP ABAP HANA Online Training in Hyderabad Course will allow you to create ABAP applications that access data stored in the SAP HANA Database as well as more concise and effective ABAP applications incorporating new features of the ABAP programming language. Version IT will prepare you to write simpler and more efficient ABAP programs using new ABAP programming language capabilities, as well as write and optimize ABAP applications that access data contained in the SAP HANA Database.

We built the curriculum for the SAP ABAP HANA Online Training by including all the topics that help in exploring the core ideas of SAP ABAP on HANA.

By Joining Version IT One of the Top SAP ABAP HANA Online Training Institute in India will get Industry-focused SAP ABAP HANA Online training that helps in hassle-free interview preparation. Our SAP ABAP on HANA Training curriculum was created by skilled experts at Version IT and covers all the topics that will enable you to understand the core concepts of SAP ABAP on HANA.

SAP ABAP HANA Online Training Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to create and enhance ABAP programs that use the SAP HANA database to access data.
  • Learn to optimize the current code, to improve business processes.
  • You will get knowledge on how to create and develop new programs using the ABAP programming language's current features.
  • Learn the Concepts relating to using SQL and ADBC to consume SAP HANA objects in ABAP.
  • Explore ABAP development tools.
  • Improve your current SAP ABAP skill set.
  • IDA ALV (Integrated Data Access)
  • ABAP system in a trial form on the cloud for training purposes
  • Data to Code Paradigm
  • Views provided by ABAP Core Data Services
  • CDS Views and Virtual Data Models
  • Development of an SAP FIORI List Report Application based on CDS.

Who Can Enrol This SAP ABAP HANA online Training?

  • Who are seeking to acquire knowledge on SAP ABAP on HANA
  • Developer Consultant
  • Application Consultant


  • There is no specific knowledge required to enroll in this SAP ABAP Online course. The course is open to everyone who wants to advance their career and essential SAP ABAP on HANA abilities.
  • It would be helpful to have some basic knowledge of ABAP and SAP HANA.

Introduction to ABAP on HANA

ABAP 7.40 & 7.50 New Syntax.

a. Inline Declarations
b. Helper Variable Dynamic Declaration
C. Read Table Operator
  • Default & Options
  • Using Index
  • Find out if the row existed or not.

d. Find out the Number of rows of an internal table
e. Adding the Record to the Internal table
  • Adding records Manually
  • moving the record from one ITAB to Another ITAB

f. Move Corresponding

  • Moving Details from one WA to Another WA
  • Moving Details from One Internal table to Another Internal table

g. Importance of BASE Command when moving the Data
h. Processing functions
  • Replace statement.
  • Find out the length of an string.
  • Insert string.
  • Repeat operator.
  • Shift_left/Shift_right

i. Formatting Operators:
  • Conversions - ALPHA
  • Formatting with Decimal and sign
  • formatting with case
  • Formatting Date, Currency to Specific country format
  • Formatting time stamp using time zone

j. Operators
  • Casting operator
  • Convert operator
  • Conditional Operator
  • Switch operator
  • Translate operator
  • Value operator
  • LET Operator

k. FOR Loop
l. Reduce Statement
m. New Open SQL Statement

n. New Native SQL statement

o. New SQL Queries

  • Select Statement using inline Declarations
  • Select statement with joins using Inline Declarations
  • Select statement for all entries using line Declarations.
  • Select statement joining one ITAB and One DB Table
  • Select statement using unions.
  • Select statement using SUM keyword
  • Select statement using CASE Statement
  • Select statement using Associations.
  • Select statement using MIN and MAX key words
  • Select statement using Group BY and ORDER BY Clause
  • ABAP CTE's
  • RANK Functions
  • DENSE RANK Function
  • Select Query using CDS views

3. Migration steps/tools from SAP S4 HANA

SQLM - SQL Monitor
ATC - ABAP Test Cockpit
SLIN - Extended syntax check
SCI - Code inspector

Installation of Eclipse / SAP HANA Studio

Adding SAP ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse
Adding SAP system to Eclipse/SAP HANA Studio

5. Core Data Services (CDS View)

a.What is CDS view
b.Different types of CDS views
  • Define View
  • View with joins
  • View with associations
  • Parameter-based CDS view
  • CDS View extension
    • Extend CDS view
    • Using FIORI App Custom Field and App logic
  • CDS View using Table functions
  • CDS View converting into OData
  • CDS with Associations as OData service and accessing via Navigation

c.Using Session variable in CDS view
d.Built in Functions in CDS view
  • CAST Functions
  • Numeric Functions
  • String Functions
  • Conversion functions
    • FLTP_DEC
    • UNIT Conversion
    • Currency Conversion
    • Date and Time Functions

e. Virtual elements in CDS view
f. Virtual Data models
  • Interface Views
    • BASIC Views
    • Composite Views
  • Consumption Views
g. Creating a FIORI tile for consumption CDS view using Custom Analytical App Query
h. Value Helps Using
  • Foreign Key associations
  • Modeled Value Help views

6. SAP IDA using CDS -- SAP Integrated Data access model using CDS View

7. OData Services:

a. introduction to SAP NetWeaver Gateway and ODATA
b. Usage of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway
c. Overview of the ODATA Services
d. Overview of the ODATA Services Metadata document.
e. Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway.
f. ODATA Service Generation technique.
g. Technical Components involved
h. Creating OData Service in SAP NetWeaver Gateway (Code Based)
i. Reading and filtering data (Code Based)
j. Development life cycle of SAP NetWeaver Gateway
k. Hub deployment and Embedded Deployment
l. Creating, Reading, Updating, deleting Entry of OData Service. (Code Based) i.e CRUD Operation.
m. Function Import (Code Based)
n. File Upload and download (Code Based)
o. Map to Data Source
p. Service Generation using RFC
q. EXPAND, Create DEEP Entity and BATCH

AMDP - ABAP Managed Data Base procedure

a. What is AMDP?
b. Types of AMDP method
  • Database procedure
  • Date base functions

c. Passing Parameters in AMDP method
d. Passing Select options
  • AMDP Method
  • CDS Table functions

e. Learning SQL Scripting for AMDP
  • Passing Select options/Range
    • AMDP Method
    • CDS Table functions
  • AMDP OOPS Operations
    • Inheritance
    • Changing variable/Changing Table
  • Data declarations
    • Defining Variable with
      • Build-In types
      • user Defined types
    • Changing variable/Changing Table
  • Internal table operations

CRUD & Exception Handling Using AMDP
  • CASE Statement in AMDP
  • How to Perform CRUD operations
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • UPSERT
    • DELETE
  • UUID Generations
  • ROW Number(), Partition BY, RANK Functions
  • Defining Exit handler in AMDP
  • AMDP Filtering

g. FUZZY Search and BADI operations using AMDP
  • UPPER()/ UCASE() & LOWER Functions
  • IFNULL and NULLIF Functions
  • DATE Functions
  • FUZZY functions
  • Parallel processing Using AMDP - MAP_MERGE
  • What is AMDP BADI
    • FallBack class in AMBP BADI
    • Filter in AMDP

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