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The acronym for Amazon Web Services is AWS. The prerequisites for enrolling in this exclusive AWS Training are familiarity with computer system administration and knowledge of how precisely a particular application is transmitted to servers. AWS is nothing but an Amazon platform that provides access to Amazon's cloud services, such as servers, file storage, databases, computing equipment, etc. Depending on their usage, an individual is allowed to rent these services from Amazon by paying rent.

Version IT AWS Training in Hyderabad aims to train you about AWS Architectural Principles & Services, as well as Designing & Implementing Cloud Application Service & highly Scalable Security Protocols, and Executing lesson-end Projects & Assignments. This training is intended to help you advance your career. This course is recommended for anyone with an interest in a career in networking, information systems, or infrastructure. You will learn everything you need to know about AWS in this course, enabling you to confidently become an AWS Expert. To achieve the aspirant's ultimate objective, Version IT created the AWS training programme in a highly innovative and promising way. With a variety of use case-driven sessions, the programme assists in achieving the goal, whether it be role change, domain change, better wages, better organizations, global opportunities, or self-skill development. At Version IT Amazon Web Services Training in Hyderabad, our trainers, who are currently working on numerous intricate real-time projects, introduce various project-based use cases, and we can learn.AWS services by putting those use cases into task The experience you acquire is comparable to actual project experience overall. Additionally, it is powered by automations created with Boto3 Scripts, Cloud Formation, and CLI.

You'd eventually realize that getting certified is as simple as practicing a few sample questions and reviewing your classroom notes. At Version IT, industry experts who train you to use AWS services and create scalable, highly reliable infrastructure impart their knowledge. The AWS Cloud Solution Architect Program is linked with our curriculum.

What are the reasons to learn AWS?

  • Scalability & Flexibility - Scalability has generally been a focus for Amazon, beginning with the initial implementation. Flexibility AWS services are constantly adaptable to your requirements, and you may have them automatically scale as necessary. Businesses can obtain servers and storage on demand and avoid having to deal with the limits of physical computing infrastructure. Scalability enables the automatic expansion or contraction of resource capacity in accordance with needs. Flexibility enables companies to scale up or down in response to requirements. Any service can be started or stopped at any moment.
  • Security - When choosing any service, security has typically been a primary priority for businesses, and cloud security has long been a contentious issue. AWS is extremely aware of this concern. Regardless of the size of their company, AWS offers its customers the highest level of data privacy and security. No matter how big or small your company is, AWS delivers robust security assistance that provides real-time intelligence on suspicious activity and capacity vulnerabilities. Through physical security, granular access control, and data location management, AWS maintains data privacy. Additionally, there are no additional fees for IAM (Identity and Access Management). Customers can control who is authenticated and authorized to use resources thanks to IAM.
  • Customization – The AWS platform offers its users a great level of customization to meet their own business needs. Users may simply monitor and manage certain resources thanks to the customization option's customer-defined tagging. AWS tags can also be used for automation, security, and cost tracking.
  • Application programming interface - You may control your infrastructure programmatically due to the availability of AWS APIs in a number of programming languages. Third-party services like CloudRanger, Quintly, and Tango Card help you use all of AWS' time- and money-saving capabilities help you launch a new instance, take backups, and more. For instance, CloudRangers gives the organization a visual depiction of the cloud so it can be understood. Quintly provides social media analytics on a single dashboard for businesses.
  • Scheduling - Scheduling allows you to start and stop AWS services at specified times. For example, you may plan your services to run on a specific day, at a specific hour, or perhaps when a specific event occurs. For instance, AWS allows you to plan services like Relational Database Service and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (RDS). These services don't have to be available on weekends or after work. Additionally, the use of third-party solutions like Cloud Ranger eliminates the need for scripting.

Who should choose AWS as a Career?

  • Start-up Individuals
  • IT finance professional
  • Linux Administrator
  • Support professional
  • Application Developer
  • ETL and Data Analytics Professionals
  • Solution Architect
  • Security Admin
  • IT Manager

Version IT is one of the Best Aws Training Institutes in Hyderabad to enroll in AWS Training, discuss every component of the course and walk you through the current IT industry trends.

Why to choose Version IT for AWS

Hands-on Exposure by the Industry Experts: Version IT's AWS course is being built by industry experts from many MNCs. The course has been created after a fixed timeframe of thoughtful discussions and brainstorming sessions to enable students to participate in any IT projects and launch their careers.

Job Assistance Program: In our generation, everyone wants to work hard to get their ideal job. Version IT, one of the top aws training institutes in Hyderabad Ameerpet, can help you break into the IT to outside to their partnerships with a number of elite businesses, which allow our students to enter their respective fields and the industry of their choice. Additionally, Version IT prepares you for interviews and resumes building, giving students an edge in the competition.


To develop my career as an Engineer by utilizing my skills and education in a globally competitive environment where there is an ample scope for individual as well as organizational growth; An astute professional with about 13+ Years of Real time Experience who drivesthrough creative and Innovative measures. Being highly motivated and enthusiastic, I have demonstrated very strong commitment in the area of IT.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What isCloud
  • WhyCloud?
  • TypesofCloudDeploymentModels
  • TypesofCloudServices
  • FutureofCloudTechnologies
  • AdvantagesandDisadvantagesofCloud
IntroductiontoAmazonWebServices (AWS)
  • What isAWS?
  • HowtoSubscribeforAWSaccount
  • WhatistheAWSFreeUsageTier
  • AWSCertification
  • Introduction to the AWS management Console
  • ListofservicesgivenbyAWS

Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)

  • WhatisAmazonEC2?
  • FeaturesofAmazonEC2
  • ManagingtheEC2infrastructure
  • EC2Dashboard
  • PricingforAmazonEC2

Regions and Availability Zone Concepts

  • DescribingRegions
  • AvailabilityZones,andEndpoints
  • ManaginginstancesinanAvailabilityZone

Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

  • ManagingAMIs
  • WorkingwithWindows,LinuxAMIs
  • SharedandPaidAMI
  • MakinganAMIPublic
EC2 Instances
  • InstanceType
  • Instance lifecycle
  • Differences between reboot, stop, and terminate
  • Building an EC2 windows and linux instances
  • To install instance in public and private subnet
  • SecurityviaKeyPairs
  • EC2ClassandVPCSecurityGroups
  • Managing ElasticIP's
  • PricingmodelinEC2instances
  • EC2withAmazoncommandlineinterface
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • FeaturesofAmazonEBS
  • Amazon EBSvolumes
  • Managing EBSvolumes
  • Increasingthevolumesize
  • AmazonEBSsnapshots

Load Balancing (ELB)

  • Creatingaloadbalancer
  • Internalandexternalloadbalancer
  • Load balancingprotocols
  • Securitygroupsfortheloadbalancer
  • Healthcheckfortheloadbalancer
  • Cross-zone loadbalancing
  • ConnectionDraining
  • Auto Scaling

    • Whatisautoscaling?
    • Auto scalingcomponents

    Advantages of auto scaling

    • Creationoflaunchconfiguration
    • Configurationofautoscalingpolicies
    • AdvantagesofusingautoscalingwithELB

    Network & Security

    • SecurityGroups
    • ElasticIPs
    • PlacementGroups
    • KeyPairs
    • NetworkInterfaces

    Networking Services

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    • WhatisAmazonVPC?
    • VPCEssentials
    • DefaultandNondefaultVPC
    • VPCNetworkingandACL
    • SecurityGroups
    • DNSandDHCPOptionsSets
    • VPCPeeringandEndpoints
    • SubnetRouting
    • VPC InternetGateway
    • Elastic IP addresses and network interfaces
    • VPC integration with many other AWS services
    • CreatingaNATinstanceinaVPC
    • ConfiguringaWebapplicationinVPC
    • PricingforAmazonVPC

    Amazon Route 53

    • Route53asyourDNSservice
    • Using TrafficFlow
    • Route53HealthChecks
    • Configuring DNSFailover
    • Latency BasedRouting
    • Weighted RoutingPolicies
    • HostingwebportalusingRoute53
    • BucketPolicies
Security & Identity Services Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • IAMFeatures
  • GettingStartedWithIAM
  • Creationofuser,groups,roles
  • Managing&Writingpolicies
  • CredentialReport
  • IAMConsoleandtheSign-inPage
Storage&ContentDeliveryServices AmazonS3
  • WhatisobjectStorage?
  • Data asobjects
  • Lifecycles ofS3
  • ManagingBuckets
  • AccessingS3storageviatools
  • Creation of a static website using S3 storage

Database Services
Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • RDSEssentials
  • Launching RDSinstance
  • Selecting theEngine
  • ConfiguringtheDatabaseEngine
  • Managing RDSDatabase
  • Settingupautomaticbackups
  • AuthorizingaccesstotheDB
Amazon CloudWatch
  • AmazonCloudWatchArchitecture/li>
  • ListofservicesmonitoredbyCloudWatch/li>
  • Collectandtrackmetrics/li>
  • MonitoringmemoryanddiskMetrics/li>
  • Monitoring logs,Graphs/li>
  • SetAlarms
    • Cloud Formation

      • BuildingAWSinfrastructureasacode
      • Design atemplate
      • Create aStack
      • Create a Template from your Existing Resources
      • Introduction toJSON

      Application Services

      Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

      • Simpleemailserviceoverview
      • ConfiguringAmazonemailservice
      • AmazonSESandDeliverability
      • AmazonSESEmail-SendingProcess
      • EmailformatandLimitsofSES

      Elastic Cache

      • Redis CacheIntroduction
      • Redis CacheConfiguration
      • MEM CacheIntroduction
      • MEM CacheConfiguration

      Amazon Simple Notification Service(SNS)

      • SimpleNotificationServiceoverview
      • SNSarchitecture
      • Publishers andsubscribers
      • Creation of atopic
      • SubscribingtotopicviaEmail
      • Setting notification for EC2 instance changes

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